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From New Website:

 Hello and welcome to Afterlife Game Studios' new and improved website! I promise to try and give more updates from now on and not be so inactive. Also, do note, this will probably not be the final website, I will eventually make one from scratch in HTML5, but not now.

So be sure to to check it out at http://afterlifegames.ucoz.com

Views: 15023 | Added by: SquareMan | Date: 2012-09-11 | Comments (0)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, ive been, "busy." I have two Minecraft mods made, one a WIP and the other a more Recipes mod, which can be found here! I have also thought about making a top down survival horror/suspenseful game sort of like Ao Oni, however, no devolpment plans have been made yet.
Views: 298 | Added by: SquareMan | Date: 2012-02-02 | Comments (0)

So much for daily updates, lol. Well I've been pretty busy around the holidays so I haven't had much time to do anything around here. But, I have another Idea about how to fix Dungeon Fighter so that I can program it in DarkBASIC, It might be that it doesn't have permisions to access stuff in the directory the pictures are saved in, which is, C:\Program Files(x86)\The Game Creators\DarkBASIC Pro Online\Projects\Dungeon Fighter\Pics

But you probally don't care about that, so tommorow I'll test it with the project directory on my desktop. I also have my mod for Minecraft up for download now, it's still in-complete though, it's located here, be sure to go check it out!

Well now I gotta go, talk to you people later.

Views: 236 | Added by: SquareMan | Date: 2011-12-07 | Comments (0)

     So, I created a new title for Dungeon Fighter in an 8 bit format, attempted to use it, and I still got the same results, so that still didn't work. I also learned how to make mods for Minecraft, and have been doing that for, a long time. I'm almost ready to make a topic for it on the Minecraft Forums but I still need to upload the screen shots for it. That's all for todays update and Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
Views: 205 | Added by: SquareMan | Date: 2011-11-25 | Comments (0)

     So, I came up with an idea to do daily updates, if I can, to keep me motivated. I also think I found the problem with DarkBASIC not loading the title screen, I think it's because the title screen was in a 32 bit format, and I had DarkBASIC set to load 16 bit images, unfortunately DarkBASIC does not have a setting for 32 bit images in windowed mode, without some fancy coding, that I don't know how to do.

     I'm going to have to make a new title screen, so the old one is now obsolete. If this works I still won't be able to release the game before Christmas, but maybe during Spring of 2012. Also, don't get any speculations about why I wanted to release it before Christmas, the game will be free! How else are people going to know if my games are worth it or not?

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I have been having problems with DarkBASIC not wanting to load Images, so Dungeon Fighter is going on hold and im gonna start developing it in C++, however I have to finish learning C++ first, so Dungeon fighter may be pushed back into 2012, I'm working as fast as I can though, believe me, also, all my other projects are going into hold so I can focus entirely on Dungeon Fighter.
Views: 2617 | Added by: SquareMan | Date: 2011-09-30 | Comments (0)

I have finished transferring the two project pages, The websites bones have know been configured.
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Today, right now I'm beginning the transfer of the pages of the old website such as the pages that where about the games in development and such, but not the old news posts, there's just way to many.
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Hello and I am very excited to announce that the new website is finnaly up and running!
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